Do you ever feel like life’s passing you by? Like moments come and go without time for reflection or thought?

Have you lost someone or something and wished you had more than memories to remind you of them?

Join me on my latest 30-day challenge and capture those moments that matter. Just post your selfies on Instagram and tag me in.

So, what’s this month’s challenge?

This month’s challenge is something you might already be doing. All you need to do is take atleast one selfie each day.

I’ll be joining in too! Every evening before bed, I’ll post a picture on Instagram with my reflections from the day and what I’m thankful for. Why not post your selfies and tag @beckerliving so we can all see your success?

What are the benefits of taking a selfie every day?

Sticking to this challenge and looking back at your photos can help you in so many ways. This challenge will:

  • Give you a visual record of your life: health, happiness, locations and people
  • Encourage you to be mindful and look for the beauty already around you
  • Take up no time at all; you can snap away and be done in seconds

Best of all, this technique just gets more effective the longer you stick with it.

How can I make the most out of taking a selfie every day?

What should I take pictures of?

Always have your camera ready so you can capture precious moments even if you aren’t expecting them.

Keep an eye out for the simple pleasures that surround you – a vibrant flower, glistening stream or a treasured desk ornament. Don’t forget the people that inspire you; your friends, family and colleagues – even strangers.

Use this challenge to record yourself with new things. Things that you’ve made, found, bought or learned over the month.

How should I compose my selfies?

You don’t need fancy equipment – your phone’s camera will do just fine. You don’t even need to get dressed up and look out for that picturesque, seemingly un-reachable spot.

Everyone has their own unique perspective on life. There will be natural beauty in your interpretation of what’s around you no matter how much effort you put into composing the piece.

Be playful and creative. Rather than a standard selfie, try capturing a scene and the part of you that’s active – like your feet as you cross a rickety bridge or hands as you make your favourite meal.

What can I do with them?

The over-arching goal is to use your selfies as a visual record that enables you to reflect on the things that matter to you in life.

You can look back on how your expression changes with your emotions throughout the month, see when you had colour in your cheeks, when your workout really paid off and even when you made a fashion faux pas.

Your pictures can act as a reminder to be mindful about your life, and thankful for the people and situations that make you who you are.

You can annotate them with descriptions or inspirational quotes, and compile them into a blog, photo album or wall collage.

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