• She believed she could, so she did.

    She believed she could, so she did.

About Anke

I’m Anke Becker, founder of Becker Living, and I want to tell you a little bit about my own personal journey towards self-realisation.

I hope my story shows you that you can push yourself further and become the best person you can be, even if you’ve had to fall to rock-bottom to make the first change. The potential is already inside you; all you need to do is take off the shackles that are holding you back.

Misplaced passions

I’ve always been driven and passionate about whatever it was that I was pursuing at any given moment. But, I was restless and pursuing something new every few months, which proved both costly and exhausting.

Nothing I did ever satisfied this need within me, this urgency that I was meant for something bigger. As soon as I started to feel settled, I would start looking for something better. I had an unquenchable thirst for new challenges. But, no matter what I did, who I loved, where I lived, what I owned or achieved, it was never quite enough.

After many false dawns, I felt incomplete. My family and friends had started dismissing each new venture as just a passing phase. I felt like a failure and a disappointment – I didn’t have the mindfulness to see what I had already achieved; I only saw what I lacked.

Even if you hit the bottom…

I reached breaking point in 2012. I’d worked in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2006 as a contractor and had neglected my health, made poor nutritional choices, and indulged in binge drinking and smoking (20+ per day!). It was in Kabul where I had a total breakdown and just had to leave.

I took some time off to rest, recover and re-evaluate. I changed my lifestyle, fell in love with Crossfit and stopped smoking. I started a new job in Afghanistan with a great company and was happier than ever. But, the feeling was short-lived.

Too soon, the feeling of unease returned. I had this hole inside me that I expected the people closest to me to fill. This caused them stress and pressure, and I panicked when I didn’t get what I thought was mine to take. I finally figured it out; I needed help and I couldn’t do it alone, because I didn’t even know where to start, let alone finish.

…Make sure that you bounce back up

The day my life changed was the day I was introduced to my life coach. He’s helped me to discover my authentic self and see my own potential, to experience a love from within that can never be satisfied by the outside world.

It is like nothing I have ever felt, and so inspired me that I felt compelled to help people discover their true potential and live their life as best they can. It’s now my passion and life purpose. It’s something you can only truly understand once you experience it for yourself.

Once you find it, pay it forward

My awareness is expanding every day, but even now I have so much left to discover. I make sure to enjoy every step of journey, even if it can be a difficult and lonely one. I’m grateful for this opportunity to share my experience with you, and want to help you find your authentic self by passing on the tools, guidance and safe space that you need to reach your full potential.

- Anke Becker.

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