"I'm afraid to leave my comfort zone" is a statement that will stop you living life to the fullest.

Your comfort zone is unremarkable, but the thought of leaving it and trying something new likely fills you with anxiety, stress and dread. In reality, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and finding a place of 'optimal anxiety' is the only way to truly live a rewarding life.

What life looks like outside your comfort zone

Here are just some of the ways stepping out of your comfort zone could enhance your life:

  • Discover yourself: Without trying new experiences, you'll never find out what you're truly capable of. Succeeding at something new will improve your sense of self-respect and build your confidence.
  • Regain control: Leaving your comfort zone means living life on your own terms. You might have to break some of the structures you live by, but personal control reduces stress and improves wellbeing.
  • Live without regrets: Living life with little concern for your comfort zone will boost your sense of fulfilment. No more 'what ifs' – you'll be exploring your existence from all angles.
  • Inspire others: Just as you aspire to be like those people who move freely across the borders of their comfort zone, so too will friends, family and colleagues look to you for inspiration.

How to leave your comfort zone

Leaving your comfort zone is only about 10% effort and aptitude. The other 90% is about changing your mindset.

I can help you find the key that unlocks your new mindset through integrative life coaching. These are some of the fundamental stages:


Start with small steps. Make tiny changes to your everyday routine – take a different route to work or attend a new gym class. Once you've seen the joy that can come from achieving these small steps, you'll take the bigger ones in your stride.


Find the sweet spot between snap decisions and calculated risks. Stepping into the (relatively) unknown can be an exhilarating experience. And, when those little alarm bells start ringing, notice them, but accept them as a sign you're doing something right.


Share your story. Get advice from people you see as having already stepped outside their comfort zone. Or, find a friend with the same motivations and set aside time regularly to chat about how it feels to leave your comfort zone. A problem shared is a problem halved, after all.

Through my integrative life coaching programme, I can teach you how to conquer the fears and challenges in your life, and grow into a more resilient, capable and courageous person.

Sign up for a free introductory life coaching session with me and begin to discover how I can guide you out of your comfort zone, and help you realise your true potential.

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