Welcome back for my latest 30-day challenge!

This month, I'm asking you to turn over a new leaf and eat a healthy green salad at least once each day.

Get involved by posting a picture of your colourful creations on Instagram each day and tagging me in.

What are the benefits of eating a salad every day?

These are just some of the benefits you can look forward to when you start eating salad every day:


Eating a salad every day is a quick and easy way of getting closer to your daily nutrient target.

Salads are full of potent antioxidants (like vitamin C, folic acid and alpha/beta carotene) that protect the body from free radicals and support improved:

  • Eye, heart and skin health
  • Immune system strength
  • Memory
  • Mood

Leafy greens and fresh vegetables also contain nutrients that protect against:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure


Cooking removes so many crucial nutrients that support digestion, but raw salad locks them in.

Salads are rich in fibre, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer and helps regulate your digestive cycle. They're also an effective way of controlling weight, enabling you to find the size and shape that's right for your health and happiness.

Practice makes perfect!

With a month's practice, creating a salad will be such a cinch that it'll become your go-to snack

How can I make the most out of eating a salad every day?

Mix it up

Salad works with such a variety of ingredients, you could try a new recipe every day.

Also, mix up how you eat it. You don't need to make it one of your main meals (though, this can really boost your nutrient intake). A salad starter (approx. 150cal) can reduce the total number of calories eaten during a whole meal by 12%.

Eat local

Shop at your local farmer's market and eat with the seasons. Organic, locally sourced food is better for the environment and better for you, with higher nutrient levels and less risk of contamination.

Eat colourful

Bold, bright and dark colours are always a good sign. Spinach contains three times more calcium than iceberg lettuce, as well as more fibre and vitamins.

Boost nutrients

Adding fruits gives you an extra flavour hit and a wider range of precious nutrients.

Think about protein too. Meat or cheese might be tempting, but garbanzo beans or quinoa will provide all the protein you need in a much more nutritious way.

Dress for success

Swapping creamy dressings for a fat-free alternative can reduce overall calorie intake by 80% (or, 1,000 calories per week). Mustard, lemon, vinegar and olive oil-based dressings are all tasty low-cal options.

And, rather than just pouring it over, pour a teaspoon onto the side of your plate and use it for dipping.

Finding nutritional harmony is a foundation on which you can build your new life. Sign up for my unique nutritional therapy programme and gain the energy and motivation you need to make a real, lasting change.

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