I’ll start eating better and exercising on Monday OR the 1st of the month OR after my holiday OR on the 1st of January... Don’t we hear this all too often. Why are we delaying healthy lives? Why are we postponing strong fit bodies? What are we afraid of? Could it be that we don’t think we CAN actually change our ways... the way we eat -the way we look- the way we feel? Some hard-core fitness fanatics will say “They just don’t care and they don’t want to change”, I think that is harsh and I don’t believe that. I believe that everyone wants to feel GOOD and everyone wants to LOOK their best. If not the latter definitely the first. This body is after all your “home” and without it well…you will not be existing here as you are now. And if you don’t care about either well then I think there are deeper issues to consider and address as with most things – but I still believe you’re worth it. Do you believe it?

Making an excuse is essentially making a choice, a choice not to act. I am not saying this is a conscious choice, in many cases such as sugar addiction the chemical imbalance caused in the body creates such havoc that cravings are much stronger than any possible conscious resistance. Much the same as any drug addiction. Reasoning goes out the window when we need our fix. So please don’t think that you are WEAK for not being able to make these choices, perhaps you do make them but they only last a day or a few hours.

Lucky for us the human body is amazing. It will ALWAYS strive for optimum health. It wants nothing more than for you to feel good AND look good (I am not referring to what society regards as looking good here but referring to clear skin, healthy hair/nails, vibrant eyes etc.) AND to be able to move and do the things you love. It is always working nonstop to create a balance within you, homeostasis. However, after years of being fuelled incorrectly it’s bound to come to a halt – and that’s no surprise. If you keep filling your Ferrari up with muddy water it’s going to stop driving the way you want it too…and eventually it’s just going to stop. That is not because there is anything wrong with the Ferrari but rather that the Ferrari is not being fuelled as it should be.

So you are probably wondering where to start. I won’t lie to you and make false promises, such as it will be quick or easy. It will be neither of those. In fact what I say is irrelevant once you finish this blog – as all the responsibility falls upon you. The answer is not black and white. It’s not listed from 1-10 like so many health & fitness “experts” tell you. And I think in this day and age of instant gratification available everywhere it’s no wonder we are all looking for a quick fix when it comes to our bodies. Even though getting to where we are – in a state of imbalance – didn’t happen overnight.

It starts with the decision to change. This change will include all aspects of your being: physical, mental & emotional (mental health is your ability to properly think and process information while emotional health is your ability to appropriately express feelings). And again this won’t be easy – change is hardly ever easy no matter how big or how small. It requires us to step out of our comfort zone. Regardless of whether that comfort zone is detrimental to our wellbeing – it’s still our comfort zone. We see this all too often when people suffer a near death experience like a heart attack, or when they are diagnosed with diabetes and the prospect of losing a limb, that changes their outlook completely and they CHOOSE TO ACT. The reasons behind WHY we hold onto these comfort zones or resist to change is uncovered in my life coaching sessions, and vary from person to person.

What will you choose today?

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