21 Day Sugar Detox

What a great feeling – DAY 10! I have made this commitment to myself, to my body and my overall wellbeing. And I have honoured that commitment. It feels amazing.

Unfortunately I am still struggling with my sinuses. I have steamed with eucalyptus this afternoon and will steam again tonight. It seemed to have worked only slightly. But maybe a second steam will do the trick. I really want to get back to training and feeling so clogged up has prevented me from going to the gym. It has been 5 days and being out here with no space to walk or get your blood flowing is starting to get to me. I can feel my legs are getting more and more tired each time I climb the stairs to my room – not a good sign! Tonight I am steaming this sinus congestion into history! You are no longer going to keep me from training!

O yes, so I decided after 10 days of no caffeine I will start having one cup of good coffee in the morning again. So this morning I made a cup of LavAzza and had it black and bitter. And I have to say – its not for me. I had one sip and chucked the rest. I can handle the no sugar but I really miss the milk. I will substitute the milk with thick cream (after the detox) and at home I will use only dairy free substitutes (coconut is my favorite). This is because I can definitely tell that my body doesn’t like dairy (milk mostly) by the way it reacts after I have some - and from now on I am going to pay more attention to what my body needs. And listen when it is trying to tell me something.

I am amazed that I have lost 2.8kg (on the scale) in only 10 days without training. I know it is allot of water as I will retain less by cutting out the starchy carbs and sugar. But none the less a great feeling. I will take my measurements on the weekend and post any changes.

“The desire to win is born in most of us. The will to win is a matter of training. The manner of winning is a matter of honour.” – Margaret Thatcher



Brunch: 3 Egg Scramble, Bacon & Cauliflower/Broccoli mash fritters

Lunch: Carrot & Cucumber fingers and strips of beefsteak

Snack: 2 boiled eggs & cucumber fingers

Dinner: Cashew Chicken & Veg

It is 17:00 and I am only on 2L for the day. I will be sipping on that bottle all night!




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