21 Day Sugar Detox

Don't let anyone dim your light

We are finally heading into the last week of the detox. Do you remember when I said the first week is the hardest? Well that wasn’t entirely true. The last week is the hardest. Not because of cravings (they have all passed by now hopefully) but purely because your sick of it now and want it to be over. I hear ya!

The funniest thing is that once the detox is over I am not really changing my diet allot. Only difference will be fruit added back and milk in coffee. Also the occasional potato but that really is it. I have learnt what works well for me and what my body really doesn’t want so why throw it all away. It will only take me away from my goal & dream if I do.

My dream is a big one and a tough one. Becoming a crossfit athlete will probably be something I work toward my entire life. But that is ok. I will work hard every day. Eating healthy and working hard in the gym. You may be thinking, “what if you never get there?” and that is a very real posibility. But that does not and will never stop me from giving it my best shot. The thing is not all goals or dreams are necessarily meant to be achieved, their purpose is to inspire and drive. Or rather, not achieving a goal doesn’t make it any less great or valid. What matters is that you HAVE a DREAM and that you work towards it. That you make the right choices that brings you closer to it. Dedicating your time and effort to it. That will leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied just as much as attaining it. That is what it really means to LIVE YOUR DREAM. Actively working towards it every day.


“Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.” – Dr. Dale E. Turner


Brunch: Scramble, Bacon, Smoked Salmon & Ginger, Carrots, Carrot Juice & Home made Mayo WHAT A WINNER BREAKFAST

I had a bowl of mixed green salad at about 15:00

Dinner: Chicken Breast, Spinach & Cauliflower

Realised my Water intake over the weekend it NOT GREAT!


You have always been beautiful. You are now only choosing to be healthier fitter and stronger. Remember that.



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