If you’re a secret emotional eater, then you’re not alone. It’s a challenge faced by many, but not one that has to define the rest of your life.

Whether your emotional eating is caused by distress, or by an overwhelming sense of unfulfillment, there are steps you can take to ditch this unhealthy habit. Read on to explore why we’re vulnerable to emotional eating, and how Wellness Coaching can help you break the cycle.

Does this story sound familiar?

You’ve had a hard day; you wake up feeling out of sorts, struggle into work through traffic then have your boss on your back about something that’s out of your control. The house is a mess and your partner just isn’t giving you the support you need.

Your only solace is that when you get home, you can open the fridge and indulge yourself in all sorts of naughty foods.

Afterwards, you feel full – physically at least – for a time. But, by bedtime you just feel bloated, queasy and – worst of all – guilty. The next day, you decide you decide to punish yourself by withholding food in an attempt to balance things out.

But, why do we do it?

This is just one example of how emotional eating can suck you into a vicious cycle that fails to solve any of the emotional challenges you’re facing.

Ultimately, emotional eating is a throwback to your childhood brain. As a baby, your parents would bring you close and soothe your distress with sweet, warm foods. Then, your distress would simply ebb away. But, this simplistic survival mechanism completely ignores the complex nature of adult life.

In essence, your body is trying to replace difficult emotions – like stress, anger, anxiety and frustration – with food, and then consume them in order to overcome them.

How can Wellness Coaching help me stop emotional eating?

If you’re ready to make a real change and find true happiness by letting go of your coping mechanisms, then my Wellness Coaching programme can be your guiding light.

With my 1:1 tuition, I can help you recognise and overcome both the emotional and nutritional aspects of emotional eating. Over time, this will free up your emotional energy to make meaningful changes in other areas of your life.

These are just some of the ways that my Wellness Coaching programme can help you with emotional eating:

See emotional eating for what it is

I will teach you how to recognise emotional eating for what it really is; an outdated alarm system that signals there’s something bubbling beneath the surface that you need to face up to.

Figure out what you truly want

Emotional eating is unhealthy, but the feelings behind them aren’t. They’re telling you that you’re unfulfilled. I will help you recognise the challenges and desires that trigger your emotional eating, and give you guidance on how to achieve what you truly want.

Break the guilt cycle

I will help you break the cycle of guilt that comes with emotional eating, and give you advice on how to re-direct your emotional energy into something more worthwhile. I will help you enjoy eating in a healthy way, ditch the fad diets, love your body and yourself.

Sign up for a free, no obligation Wellness Coaching session by filling in the form at the top of this page and find out how – with my guidance – you can turn your emotional energy into action.

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