Has that festive frivolity left you feeling out shape? Are you obsessing over starting the new year on the right foot, but feel held back by your body?

My unique nutritional therapy programme can do more than just help you lose weight. I can give you the knowledge and momentum you need to make healthier nutritional choices and unlock your body’s unrealised potential – all without giving up on flavour.

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Here’s an introduction to some of the tips I’ll discuss with you:

Your brain is your most powerful tool

Your own mind is the only thing that can stop you feeling out of shape.

Start by making sure you’re aiming for the right targets. Bin the ‘beach body’ ideals and aim to reach a size, shape and fitness level that’s right for your body. Comfort, self-assurance and happiness are the ultimate ‘beach look’.

Think about timescales. Do you really want to be fighting this same battle again in two years’ time? Avoid the kind of drastic diets you’ll never stick to (they can do more harm than good) and aim to make subtle but lasting changes.

Small changes can make a big difference

These small changes could be anything. Here are some of the tips that have stuck with me:

  • Cut out the soft drinks: All they contain are empty calories, sugar and the capacity to make you eat more.
  • Consume like clockwork: Eat at set mealtimes (between three and six times per day) and cut out intermediary snacks.
  • Sleep it off: Lack of sleep increases stress, which makes you eat more. Make sure you’re getting seven to eight hours per night.
  • Keep it fresh: Eat a wide variety of fresh wholefoods to keep things interesting and ensure all the nutrients stay locked inside.
  • Protein and more protein: Including a form of protein with every meal (think tofu, beans etc.) can keep those hunger pangs at bay.

Your new best friends: diet and exercise

If diet and exercise fill you with dread, then you’re doing them all wrong.

Enhancing your diet and exercise routine should be something you look forward to every day.

Choose your own path. If you’re not a fan of the gym, get out into nature and walk, run, swim or row. Exercise shouldn’t be something ‘other’, it should be a hobby that just happens to include vigorous movement.

Incorporate it into your daily routine too. Take the stairs rather than the lift, walk to the shop instead of driving – whatever works for you.

The same’s true when it comes to dieting. Your new diet shouldn’t restrict you, it should improve on what you eat now in every way; more ingredients, more flavour, more regularity, more excitement.

This is just an introduction – I have so much more to tell you. Sign up for my innovative nutritional therapy programme and discover all the ways you can stop feeling out of shape and make a change that lasts a lifetime.

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