All of us have moments when we feel unsatisfied. But, this feeling shouldn’t dominate your life.

It’s time to explore your consciousness to figure out what’s unsettling you, and start taking action that’ll make tomorrow better than today.

If you’re truly ready to make a change, sign up for a free introductory life coaching session with me. Still not convinced? Read on to find out more about my approach.

Why are you unsatisfied with life?

When you’re wrapped up in your life and feel like you’re travelling at 200mph, it can be almost impossible to get to the bottom of what’s bringing you down.

Do you feel unlucky in love, unfulfilled by work or just unaware of your true potential? Is your social group not as supportive as it should be? Do you know where you want to get to in life?

Everyone is a unique composition of learned and inherited desires, so there’s probably no easy answer to this question.

But, don’t despair. You already have the potential to make a meaningful change. And, I can be the key that helps unlock the new you.

How can I make a meaningful change that’ll change my life?

Looking back on a change you made that’s brought contentedness to you, and by extension the people that care for you, is among the most rewarding experiences in life.

Here’s just some of the things I can help you achieve:

Know what you’re aiming for

You won’t ever have all the answers. That’s an elemental truth. But, that’s OK – life wouldn’t be a thrill if everything was already set out for you.

Rather than craving non-stop happiness, aim to become mindful of your emotions. Embrace feelings as they pass – be they joy, elation, fear or worry – rather than judging them harshly. There’s truth in your feelings.

Remember that society sets unrealistic goals. Separate your emotional wants from your materialistic needs; aim for a healthy body, rather than someone else’s definition of a ‘beach body’.

Remove your barriers

Before you can make a meaningful change, you need to remove the barriers blocking your way.

Think about those ‘guilty pleasures’ that are a drain on your health, and on your wallet; alcohol, coffee, chocolate – even shopping. You don’t have to forget them altogether, just break your reliance. Moderation is key.

Create more ‘me’ time to fulfil your desires. You might feel responsible for your family, your friends or your job, but you’re also responsible for your own wellbeing.

Start with a single step

Don’t expect your life to change overnight. The most fruitful changes happen gradually but last a lifetime.

Try changing one little thing at a time. Add some healthy new ingredients to a tried and tested recipe, or commit to spending just 10-minutes being actively mindful each day.

As you start to experience all the good that comes from your small changes, you’ll be inspired make it stick and set off on your next step. It’s all about momentum.

Need to make a change but don’t know where to start? Sign up for a free, no strings attached introductory Skype session by filling in the form at the top of this page and I can give you the skills and motivation you need to reach your true potential.

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