A holiday should be a time to relax and re-charge your batteries ready for what lies ahead. But, all too often, they can fall short of expectations or even prove more stressful than staying at home.

With Integrative Life Coaching techniques, you can have a healing holiday and come back refreshed and rejuvenated.

Let’s define a ‘holiday’

A holiday is a spiritual, not a physical experience. It isn’t defined by the destination, or who you travel with. It’s about finding the space to break negative thinking patterns, live in the moment and unite your body with your soul.

My top tips for a healing holiday


By opening up the schedule and allowing your partner and children to join in the planning process, you can reduce the risk of a row by making sure everyone is invested in the activities you’ve planned.

But, you should also be honest with yourself about what stresses you out. Factor in time for your preferred amount of sleep and make sure that you’re eating before the hunger rage sets in. Don’t be afraid to schedule in some down-time; a quiet afternoon or soak in the bath can help keep stress levels to a minimum.

Think differently

Live in the present by allowing yourself to say ‘yes’ to the things you want. Shake off your usual thinking patterns by overcoming your instinct to dwell too long on past or future plans.

Things won’t run precisely to schedule. But, once you accept that you can’t always be in control, it gets much easier to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Everyone will bring their own expectations to the holiday. By removing your own expectations, you remove the possibility of disappointment and can simply find happiness in the smiles of others.

Experiences, not things

Prioritise experiences, not things. The joy of a new dress or gadget might last a month, but the memory of discovering a new experience with your family or partner can last a lifetime.

Trying things for the first time can help you break with routine by bringing out a side of your personality that might not appear in everyday life.

Spending time in the great outdoors can give you a fresh and unique backdrop that helps you escape from normality. It’s also a fascinating and inexpensive place for kids to explore, giving you a few extra hours of peace.

Overcome stress

Stress is unnecessary luggage that will only weigh you down. Be giving, and try to leave your preconceptions at home.

Be accepting, forgiving and appreciative of your travel partners and their little foibles. Give them the benefit of the doubt and resist the temptation to escalate small disagreements.

Alcohol and other stimulants can put you off-balance, and potentially strain relations with your loved-ones. A super-strength coffee or extra cocktail may seem tempting, but you could well feel the consequences later on. Moderation is key.

Take the holiday home

Whether you’ve learnt something new about yourself, or just found the time to un-wind, take note of what’s made you happy when on holiday and use it to enhance your life after you return home.

Find out how Integrative Life Coaching can help you find peace on holiday this summer.

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