The day before the BEST of your life

Tomorrow is the start of the detox and I am nervous…What was I thinking! I am only one person and now there are 50 people looking at me for guidance and advice. Talk about pressure! However I am also more determined than ever to successfully complete the detox. I can do this – and so can you!

Feeling anxious and scared? This is very normal and trust me everyone are sharing these emotions with you (maybe others or even more). I had the same feelings the day before I stopped smoking (after smoking for 13 years). This is because this detox or stopping smoking is much more than just a physical cleanse. There are emotional connections between what we eat/rely on and experiences/memories we have that you may not even be aware of. Remember you are not GIVING UP ANYTHING. You may think that you are not a sugar (in all its forms) junkie – and maybe you are not – you will know within the first week of the detox just how much you relied on sugar. And if you didn’t rely on it at all you will still benefit from this detox.

You see the thing with any addiction or dependence is that we believe we are actually GETTING something from whatever it is we think we MUST have. I smoked for 13 years and yes, I thought the cigarette gave me courage, calmed me down, and helped me with stress. I was sure I “enjoyed” events/people more because of my cigarettes. If you have never been a smoker this will sound completely nutty to you. But I was convinced that this was the truth and it was my reality. Of course this is far from the truth. And once I realized with the help of Allan Carr’s Easy Way and truly believed that it was in fact all false beliefs, I was finally free.


Sugar (all forms of it) is highly addictive and creates dependence before you can say sugar high. We think it gives us something – but this belief is false. Let’s be honest here, who grabs a head of broccoli when they are in emotional turmoil or are having a bad day at work? I don’t! We tend to grab what we believe gives us something in return. Something that actually changes the way we feel. The thing is, it doesn’t really change how you feel, and it merely distracts you away from the feeling, causing you to think the feeling has changed or gone away. This could be avoidance or escapism from a very uncomfortable/painful feeling - your truth and reality. It could also be directly connected to a childhood memory or traumatic experience. I want you to become aware of what it is you are FEELING when you want to have these types of foods and make a note in your journal. Also what types of events trigger the cravings for you – and again take note of the way you are FEELING. If you want to discuss this with me further please contact me via the website contact form.

This is why we choose the sugar (in any form) that causes a temporary feeling of euphoria due to the raised blood glucose levels. Only to crash at the speed of light; due to the drop in our blood sugar levels. All we are left with is feelings of guilt and disappointment followed by the physical havoc it creates in our bodies. This can lead to over analyzing our selves and the possible reasons behind our perceived weakness. We start to wonder why we lack the will power and strength to say no to these foods. In other words, judging our selves. Remember to be gentle with yourself. This is a process and it is not easy.

You can DO this

Another thing we do when we believe we are giving something up (sugar) is we tend to view exercise as a punishment to you and your body for the bad food choices you made. Exercise is a privilege and a treat to your body and over all wellness. It should be looked at in a positive light. Enjoyed and most of all it should be FUN. When you eat healthy foods that feeds and fuels your body you will want to add to the WELLNESS by treating your body to a workout. See how this affects every aspect of our lives. We will discuss this in more details after the detox.

Preparing for the Detox

  1. Remove temptation by removing the sugars, sweets, crisps etc. from the fridge and cupboards; make sure you fill it with healthy foods and colorful snacks that are allowed. If you have children that eat these foods it may be a good idea to slowly wean them off the sugar as well, but this can be even more challenging. If not at least pack the treats away and out of sight.
  2. Make a calendar for the 21 days and on each day write a compliment that you would like to hear from someone – being given to you. For example: “Mary your skin is glowing! “ All 21 compliments have to be different and they all have to be directed at you personally. Even if you don’t believe any of them to be true – write what you WANT to hear.
  3. Take your measurements. Remember this is a detox the aim is not weight loss but rather GAINING WELLNESS and learning to listen to your body. If you follow this detox you will lose weight but don’t let that be your only driving force. By making healthy changes weight loss will be a natural by product. Write down the measurements of your right upper arm, waist, hips, and right upper thigh. Keep this in your journal or on the calendar. If you want to track your weight, I don’t recommend weighing more than once a week.
  4. Get a water bottle. Ensuring you drink enough water is crucial as I mentioned in the previous blog article – to help with flushing out toxins and relieving the withdrawal headaches. Make it interesting. Water with lemon or mint or even cucumber is delicious. Here is a great recipe to flavor your water that I love but remember adapt them to fit the detox. Don’t add fruit into your water unless you are doing a modified version of the detox. Take your water wherever you go.
  5. Plan your day’s meals and snacks. When our nutrition is structured we are less likely to just grab whatever is closest and most convenient. Every night make sure you know exactly what you are going to have the next day. Ensure you have enough snacks so that you are not sitting at work or home starving or panicking because you don’t have anything to snack on, this will be even more essential during the first week.
  6. You will feel worse before you feel better. Don't lose hope. Don't give up. If you are not able to do the exercise you did prior to the detox due to lack of energy then tell yourself it is OK. You will get back on track once your blood sugar levels are balanced and will have more energy than ever. It is OK not do everything perfectly.


My Favourite one!

Natural Flavoured Water

  • 1-2 Liters water
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 orange (Peel only)
  • 10-15 fresh mint leaves
  • Hand full of ice


Add all the ingredients (not ice) into a glass jar and mash up with a wooden spoon to release flavours. Fill up with Water and add ice. Enjoy as is or refrigerate overnight. Adding seltzer water for a fizzy treat.

  1. Cucumber: contains citrulline which is an amino acid that has been shown to help our liver and kidneys get rid of ammonia which is a by product of the proteins our bodies burn for energy.
  2. Water: helps flush toxins and waste through our system while keeping us hydrated.
  3. Lemon: stimulates the digestive track so it’s helpful if you have constipation, heartburn, or gas.
  4. Mint: helps you digest effectively because it improves the flow of bile from the liver to the gallbladder to the small intestine to break down dietary fats.

For more delicious flavoured water recipes:

Amazing Snacks and Recipes

Danielle Walker is a culinary genius and her recipes are SO GOOD - Truly Inspiring Woman

Here are the links and pictures of the very tasty chili lime nuts and the dried 5 spice asian pears

I will post an update of my day each evening, please post your updates as a comment below each post. I am very excited to hear how you are doing each and every day. Remember to be gentle with yourself. Tell your friends and family about your decision to participate in this detox and ask them for their support and understanding. Tell them you may be super sensitive the first week so that they too can be prepared for some changes. Some peoples moods are not affected at all. It differs from person to person.

I wish you all the very best. Remember it is only 21 days. You can do this. If you feel alone or anxious and think you are going to go off track with the detox at any time please send me an email via the website and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can. I am here to support you through this and your strength and determination will be my inspiration throughout the detox.



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