Trauma, grief and loss can leave you feeling like you’re gasping for air.

Whether you’re struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, adjusting in the wake of a serious injury or illness, or reorganising your life following an unplanned change of direction, the results can be the same.

Left unchecked, grief, trauma and loss can consume you and start to define your future. With my guidance, you can repurpose this negative energy and push on into a happier tomorrow.

What defines trauma, grief and loss?

When you hear about trauma on the news, it can feel a million miles away. But, when it happens to you, it feels as though your soul has become an open wound.

You long for the emotional sustenance you need just to feel normal again, and end up risking your friendships, marriage, health and job in your unending quest for relief.

These conditions are inherently interlinked, but here are some factors that define each of them:

  • Trauma: deep distress caused by a disturbing or damaging event.
  • Grief: intense sorrow suffered following the loss of something immensely important to you.
  • Loss: profound emptiness that occurs when something you love leaves your life forever.

It was in Kabul, Afghanistan where my own trauma led me to break down. But, this experience ended up being the catalyst I needed to make a tangible change and begin looking at my life afresh. I can honestly say: I’ve never looked back.

Don’t let rage, fear and desperation control you. Use integrative life coaching to take back control.

How can I get onto the road to recovery?

No matter how long the road to recovery might be, it’s a path you don’t need to walk alone.

See things for what they are

The feelings you’re experiencing don’t mean that you’re broken, they mean you’re human. Emotional pain is just as real as physical pain.

Integrative life coaching can help you accept that things won’t ever be the same, but that this is a chance for you to grow in ways you’d never expected. Your pain will become your fuel; giving you the energy to be more loving, resilient and open in future.

I will teach you how to let the masks of anger and confusion fall away, accept your temporary vulnerability and receive the emotional support that you need.

Make a meaningful change

Don’t fall back on short-term fixes like vanity purchases, stimulants or momentary relationships. A day-to-day approach can make you fixate on what’s hurting you for longer. You need a long-term plan.

Set yourself a mission; use this experience to learn things about yourself, your coping mechanisms and your values. Do something in memory of the person you’ve lost, or face up to the thing that’s traumatised you.

Learn and grow from this test

Make your change last by seeing this as the moment you’ll stop taking the little things for granted. Tell the people you care for how you feel, and embrace the transient beauty of life itself.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, pay it forward. Sharing what you’ve learned enables you to help others, as well as seeing just how far you’ve come.

Trauma, grief and loss are three of the most painful experiences you’ll ever experience. But, rather than seeing it as a chapter ending, I can help you treat this as a new beginning; an awakening of your inner potential. Sign up for a free, no obligation Skype session with me by filling in the contact form at the top of this page, or contact me for more information.

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