Life after therapy can be rich and fulfilling – a whole new chapter – as long as you measure your expectations and take time to redirect your energies in ways that make you smile.

Whether you leave therapy voluntarily, or get told it's time to spread your wings, approaching life without a safety net can make you ask all sorts of questions:

  • "Who will I turn to when emotions get the better of me?"
  • "How can I recognise life's positives and avoid being burdened by the negatives?"
  • "What happens when life throws me a curveball... and I drop it?"

Sound familiar?

How you can prepare for life after therapy

Therapy isn't meant to be a 'cure'. It's a set of tools and a safe space for discussion meant to help you find your own answers. Concluding therapy is a vital part of the recovery process, but is not the end.

So, here's an introduction to how you can adapt to life after therapy using integrative life coaching techniques:

Analysing your actions – healthily

Use the techniques you've learned to become your own therapist and analyse your thoughts and actions in a healthy way.

Focus on contentedness as a 'big picture', rather than getting hung up on minor inconveniences.

Recognise the traits that indicate you're falling back into old habits and get ready to use the techniques you were taught in therapy. Watching these work with no extra support will give you a tremendous sense of self-confidence.

Setting aside a little time each day to meditate or just reflect on your actions and emotions can help you rationalise your world and figure out where your focus should be.

Redirecting your energy

Therapy takes up hours of time and masses of energy that was once wasted on neuroses. Now, you can dedicate that time to the things that complete you.


Find fulfilment in healthy relationships with your friends and partner. Use them as a trust network through which you can openly share your feelings and memories.

Pay them back by investing your new energy in finding creative ways to spend quality time together.

A combination of new energy and contentedness can help strengthen family bonds, take friendships further and revitalise your love life.

Work and hobbies

Divert this new energy towards making a lasting improvement to your life through professional development or a new hobby.

Use techniques learnt in therapy to approach work without becoming overburdened by stress. Once you've achieved balance, think about how your new mindset can help you push on with your career.

Health and fitness

Improving your health and fitness can help you achieve a higher plane of fulfilment.

Take the time to make sure you're eating the right foods and getting enough water to keep your body on the same side as your brain.

Think about starting a new fitness regime, or just commit to getting out and enjoying the wonder of nature more often.

Therapy isn't an end, it's a brand new beginning. Discover all the ways you can make life after therapy full and rewarding, then build on what you've learned by signing up for my innovative life coaching programme.

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