Struggling to keep New Year’s resolutions?

The New Year is the ideal time to take stock and figure out how you want to improve your life. But, failing to reach your goals before January’s even up can set a negative tone for the coming year.

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How to keep New Year’s resolutions

Everyone is different, but these are some of the ways I’ve found most useful in sticking to my New Year’s resolutions:

Make the right resolutions

We could all resolve to be millionaires by the end of the year. But, is this realistic? And, even if so, would it truly bring you happiness?

The right resolutions are those that enrich your life spiritually; your sense of self (exercise, professionalism, mindfulness etc.) and your sense of place (family, your home, the natural world etc.).

Choosing the right resolutions will make you feel like you’ve been rewarded, and help you stick with them long-term.

Set yourself specific targets

We don’t ‘find’ time to do things, we make it.

Set aside time in your daily schedule to dedicate to your resolutions, and give yourself targets for things you want to achieve by a certain date.

Measure your progress (what you’ve achieved, and when your efforts are most effective) to see how far you’ve come. And, don’t beat yourself up for missing a deadline. Rationalise why the deadline was missed and try again.

Don’t get carried away

If you try too much at once, you’ll burn out and your efforts will amount to nothing.

Sticking to one or two resolutions each year is enough for anyone. Limiting the number of resolutions you make can help them become a permanent part of your life that feels like second nature after just a couple of months.

Get hold of the right tools

Getting the right tools for the job can give you added incentive and help you achieve more.

A new set of crockery or cooking utensils is a great way to support culinary resolutions, while a fitness tracker can help you feel a sense of reward when you review your numbers each night.

For less tangible resolutions – like spending more time with family – you might need to think outside the box. Try to find things that help set the scene, like a new game the whole family can join in with.

Share your experience

“A burden shared is a burden halved”, so the old phrase goes.

Sharing your experience with close friends and relatives, and even on social media, can give you the support you need to make sure the change lasts a lifetime.

Your support network can remind you of the resolution and hold you to account if you’re not doing what’s needed, provide guidance and support, and congratulate you on everything you achieve.

You don’t need to wait for a special day to make a change – your true power is already inside you.

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