Like a caged animal, getting stuck in a rut at work can make you prickly, defensive and frustrated — even angry at your employers.

If you feel like you’re getting nowhere in life, but don’t know how to make your future a happier place than your past, then integrative life coaching can help.

In this introduction, I’ll show you how I can use these techniques to support you in finding a career that will fill you with contentedness.

But, first, you need to understand how you’ve got to this stage by answering these questions:

  • Do you truly understand what can make you happiest?
  • Do you prioritise yourself as much as you should do?
  • Does your desire not to “rock the boat” leave much of your potential unfulfilled?
  • Are you weighed down by your emotions; prevented from developing through fear of negative repercussions?
  • Do you put money before emotional wellbeing?
  • Do you put what you think is best for your family ahead of your own needs?

If you recognise yourself in any of these points, book in for a free introductory integrative life coaching session and I will help guide you towards career contentedness.

How can you free yourself to follow your true path in life?

Make a list

Make a list of the things you’re passionate about; it might be your family or friends, helping others, travelling to new locations or just being at peace. Then, jot down your most dearly held values and skills. This will form the framework for your harmonious transition.

Choose a route

Be bold. Think of the people and jobs that you’ve envied in the past, aim high and don’t be afraid to step into the unknown.

To avoid feeling overawed, break your journey down into hundreds of tiny steps (like rewriting your CV, or making that call you’ve been putting off) and allow yourself to feel a sense of accomplishment after each stage.

Trust yourself

Even though you haven’t yet found the career that brings you happiness, you’ve already achieved so much in your other roles in life.

Focus on the things that you can do, rather than getting bogged down thinking about your limitations. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but many people still find happiness regardless of their flaws.

Redefine ‘success’

If you get knocked back early on, don’t get disheartened.

You can’t ace every interview or pick up a talent overnight. See rejection as validation that a role just wasn’t the right fit for you. But, make sure to learn lessons that might help you later on in your journey.

If you stumble on a place along the way that wasn’t your intended destination, but that brings you the contentedness you crave, don’t be afraid to follow a new, unexpected path.

There’s so much more I want to tell you, and the path will be tough. But, the destination is worth more than you could possibly imagine.

You don’t have to do this alone. I’m here to guide you, and help you discover your true path. Just submit your email address to book your free, no strings attached Skype session with me.

After all, life’s too short to keep putting off the future you’ve dreamed of.

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