The older I get the more I realise that love is not a thing. It can’t be labeled and put in a box. Yet we are obsessed with doing just that. There are so many different kinds of love – young love, old love, new love, 1 day love, 2 year love, forever love, first love, love at first sight… and still for some reason we judge these. By either duration or intensity. Unless it’s a certain amount of time it can’t be love! Who decided that to be truth anyway?

Love is like a summer breeze it comes out of nowhere and it can leave just as suddenly. But you know it was there. You are forever changed because of it. It passes through you like the blood in your veins and shapes your entire being as you get older.

Why do we fight to get some and then fight to let it go? Why do we fight at all when it comes to love? I think that’s because we are not fighting for love at all – but for control. Control over what we feel what we give and what we get. If it was love, true love, we will be able to let it pass through us without hindrance or prejudice. Without resistance or fear. Without the need to hold on to it. And when it leaves we will watch it leave with a smile. Knowing that we bare forever changed because it chose to flow through us.

Love can be a moment, a day or a lifetime. To me it doesn’t matter how long it chose to stay – only that it chose me. I welcome it. Always. And I say goodbye to it gracefully feeling fuller and grateful that I had the chance to experience it in all its glory.

I am grateful for all the people who have been a summer breeze in my life. You will forever be a part of my story.


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