As another year comes to an end I stand here - speechless. How did I get here? How did I survive it and why am I feeling so great? Overcoming obstacles I never thought I would be able to overcome. Surviving heartache and going to the deepest darkest abyss of loneliness only to realise that its not a scary place – it is in fact home.

Emerging on the others side, not jaded, not sad or bitter, but renewed and revived with an understanding that everything really does happen for a reason. Even if we don’t always understand it initially – eventually understanding will follow.

Nothing lasts forever. Every moment is a gift to be cherished. And love is not a thing or a person. You can’t hold on to it. You have to let it be free to come and go as it pleases - like water - letting it flow through you without hindrance. Only when you can let go of love can you really experience it in its all glory. And never lose hope of sharing love – you will find it where you least expected it. It is after all – all around us.

I achieved goals and made mistakes. I grew and pushed myself mentally and physically to new heights every day. Not by doing things right but by stumbling and deciding not to stay down - to get back up and try again. My life has done a 360 and the future I imagined was gone in a flash. But then I realised that I shouldn't live in the future. All I have is now. And the future will only be a result of what I choose to do now. Every choice I make will unfold itself into the life I will be looking back at one day.

So choose wisely Anke. Probably the most valuable lesson, your destiny lies in your hands. Literally in the choice you make every day. Is what you are doing now taking you closer or further away from your goals/dreams? Ask yourself this question a 100 times a day.

Never did I think I could feel this free and in love with my very self. Accepting myself the way I am - finally! No longer striving to be anyone but the best version of myself is the most exhilarating feeling ever!

What a magical year of learning and growing. It wasn’t easy. But I am so grateful for the lessons, the love, the pain, the loneliness, the support and blessings. I could not have asked for a more perfect 2014.

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